ICO Arabic for Primary Schools

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This is a comprehensive series designed to teach Arabic to English-speaking children. It offers the latest methods of second-language instruction, with special emphasis on building the four linguistic skills needed to learn a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The program introduces linguistic elements, such as words, expressions and grammatical constructions, through the use of real-life situations.

Learn Arabic series project is a distinguished one because:

  • This curriculum meets the needs of the target group for integrated, coherent, and appropriate curricula.
  • They were prepared according to scientific bases, assimilating the most recent educational and psychological theories.
  • They were prepared by special educationists who are experienced in designing curricula and who are familiar with the needs of the target group.
  • They employed the most recent techniques and educational aids.
  • They went through many quality control processes, which were carried out by specialized committees, and they were enhanced by teachers who evaluated the curricula before releasing them.


  • Focus on learning through communication
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Discussion of the rich culture surrounding the Arabic language
  • Lessons present real-life situations
  • Islamic themes